Description: Bitheman sprayers we can supply two types:  Id10 Hand sprayer (hot or cold) Id2000 Tow behind bitheman sprayer 2000lt   

Description: All Types of rollers, pedestrian and ride - on. From 600mm - 900mm width - 600kg - 2 ton weight  All types of compactors, plate, reversible and rammers   

Description: Concrete accessories, spacer blocks, binding wire, shamfers, steel fixing pliers, concrete rubbing blocks, ferrule tubes, ferrule cones, ferrul jacks, curring compound shutteroil, concrete repair products, jointex,&n

Click Here to Download CP Compressors    Description: Concrete and Tar cutters with petrol and diesel engines, Power floats 42" and 36", Screed beams 4m, 6m, 8mStraight Edges

Click here to download Silla Dumpers brochure Click here to download Silla Mixer Hydrolic brochure              Description: Concret

CP Compressors  CP Tool Range  Station Gense Description: Chigargo Pneumatic Compressors, Air breakers, Rock drills, Large hammers for Escavators, Air

Description: High velocity jets, Mid block jets, Drain rods and accessories Winches and Cable Cleaners   

Description: Robin fire fighters, High pressure, Medium pressure, Low pressure.  Semi units and Complete units Venturi kits. Fire Beaters 

Description: Petrol generators from 1 kva - 15kva  Diesel generators from 2.2kva - 100kva  Petrol and diesel 7kva 200 amp welder generator combinations  HONDA, ROBIN, HOFFMANN, DEUTZ  

Description: Wheelborrows Steel and Plastic, Picks, Shovels, Rake's, Axes, Brooms, Hay forks, Tool boxes, Spanners, Shifting spanners, Pipe Wrenches  ,  Screw driver sets, Wooden saws, Chisels, Socket sets, pliers, Bolt cutt

Description: High Pressure washers, petrol, diesel and  electric driven. 150 bar, 200 bar, 248 bar.  Hoffmann, Robin and Honda   

Custom chain lifting slings, cable lifting slings, nylon lifting slings, shackles, steel cable, cargo nets, ratchet and strap, ski rope 10m and 30m and coils, load binders load binding chain 

Description: All types of meters, temprutare meters, anometers, diesel meters, min max thermo meters, alco testers,  rain meters, premix thermo meters  

Description: Metabo and Ryobi power tools, Grinders 230mm, 115mm, Rotary hammer drills, Circular saws, Jig saws, Sds max and plus Electric drill breaker combination, 31kg Electric Jackhammer.  

Economical Generators for reliable job site power This Economical, yet rugged portable generator series is designed to fit every job site and every budget. These units provide hours of reliable j

Click here to Download Cat Mens Range Click here to Download Ladies Footwear Click here to Download Reflective wear  Click here to Download

Description: Clear water pumps 50mm 75mm 100mm, Sludge pumps 50mm, 75mm 100mm Trash pumps 75mm, 100mm, High pressure centrifical pumps 40mm Chemical tranfer pumps 50mm  

Description: Gaurdrails, water barriers, expanding barriers, speed humps, road signs, delieators, convex mirrors, road cones    

Description: Polywafer broom set (for supperior broom), Broom bristles Heavy duty, Light duty, Bitheman paper 610mm, 1220mm wide (Reinforced and Non Reinforced, Bailing twine roll 4500m, Roofing nails 65mm, 90mm, Steel

Description: Sandblast pots, and equipment on special order We keep Sandblasting grit in stock 50kg bags   

Description: We manufacture all types of signs, road signs, custom signs,  contractors boards, safety signs etc.  We also do Canvas canopies for trucks, and steel work for all our sign, posts, frames etc, Printing of jackets&nbs

Description: We stock two types of site toilets Chemical toilet  Ribbed toilet  We also stock Cleaning Chemicals for toilets   

Description: All sizes of fire extinguisher 1.0kg, 2.5kg, 4.5kg 9kg  all types of spill kits and drip trays, Noise in a can alarms Medical   

  Click Here to Download Hi Target Total Station Click here to Download W800 Brochure             Description: Lase

Description: Barrier tape (difrent types), duct tape, Insulation tape, Buff tape, Barrier netting 1m x 50m etc 

Description: Traffic trailers, complete with toilets robots, lights generators Solar option and 220v option with generator   

Click Here to Download Motorolla Radio   Motorolla two way radio's now available @ lillies For site use